Carolina Lakes Community Information

Sun City Carolina Lakes provides a host of recreational facilities and meeting venues to allow active adults to life the lifestyle they crave. Interest groups and social clubs thrive in the Sun City communities, as neighbors enjoy coming together and getting to know one another. The Carolina Lakes recreational center makes this possible with ample meeting space, where a variety of interest groups can meet and discuss their favorite topics.

Carolina Lakes is also differentiated by the quality of its sports facilities. Active adults appreciate the modern fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, athletic courts, scenic walking trails, indoor track and the challenging golf course. The golf course winds its way through undulating hills and around several naturally occurring water features. Views of the Catawba River provide an extra bit of scenery on the 13th and 14th holes. The course is designed with six teeing grounds, so that players of all levels can take part in the fun.

The climate of Carolina Lakes is characterized by relatively stable monthly rainfall, warm summers and mild winters. Annual precipitation totals about 43 inches, with 2.5 to 4 inches falling each month. Small amounts of snow may fall in January or February, but this is normally limited to less than 1 inch. Temperatures fluctuate from summer highs in the high-80s to winter lows in the 30s.